Back to Basics with a Twist

This collection is a marriage between basic colours and simple textures, classic lines and current fashion trends. 
This collection's colour palette is based on three basic colours (red, yellow, blue) combined with neutral white and off white (and sometimes black).
The use of simple fabrics, that let the skin breathe during hot summer, like linen, cotton and viscose, along with other textiles, as silk and mikado, give to the collection a comfortable yet luxurious tone. 
The design of the patterns, plain geometrical shapes are combined so that each final piece looks modern and special at the same time. 
The prints, embroidery, cut outs and lace used have also a geometrical mood. Another crucial detail, is the layering of colourful fabrics under semitransparent neutral ones. 
All the above elements, are what makes this collection unique.
A study of basic colours, fabrics and shapes, 
but always with a twist. 
The M + the A

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