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The MAnnequin Collection


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**The about the scarf: Melina said, about the "This is [M]e" silk scarf: "I ‘ve been juggling between these two worlds for almost ten years {almost endless it felt}. Entering a blurry, colorless, gloomy world in the morning, feeling like a fish out of the water, postponing all the joy and the light for the after work hours. It took a New Years’ eve resolution and loads of courage to get to the exit!
And so, This is [Μ]e now! In a new family, in a new home, in a new city, doing my dream job, taking care of a new baby boy! In a world full of light, color, sunny and bright!”

You can wear the "This is [M}e" silk scarf on your hair or tied around your neck. It can look amazing as a bracelet around your wrist or tied on your favorite bag.

**Scarf ID: Silk scarf. Square shaped. Digital print. Hand roll edges. Designed & made in Greece. 

Design & Production process: All our prints are designed in house, by hand, by our creative designer and then sent to our partner, a prestigious silk factory, in  Soufli, Thrace where our motifs are printed on pure silk. 

**MA-de of: 100% high quality pure silk (organzine)

**Handle with care! It's rare: Hand wash in cold water. Do not bleach. Iron at flat surface at low temperature (if needed).

- Small square: 45cm x 45cm

- Big square: 69cm x 69cm

The "This is [M}e" silk scarf belongs to the limited "Let's get personal" Silk Scarf Collection. If you decide to become a MAnnequin girl, share your photos or personal experience on social media, using the hashtags #themannequincollection, #mannequingirl, #limitedcolectionslimitelesslove and #letsgetpersonal.

**Lead time: Each scarf is ready to shop. Please, allow, though, a turnaround time of 1-2 business days to prepare your order (this does not include shipping time).

** Policy: Before ordering, please read our shop policy, by placing an order with us you agree to our terms 


**Scarf ID:  Τετράγωνο σχήμα. Ψηφιακό τύπωμα. Άκρες ραμμένες στο χέρι. Σχεδιάζεται και κατασκευάζεται στην Ελλάδα. 

Designing process: Όλα μας τα prints σχεδιάζονται στο χέρι από την ίδια την σχεδιάστρια του brand. Τα σχέδια στην συνέχεια στέλνονται στον συνεργάτη μας, ένα πολύ καταξιώμενο εργοστάσιο εκτώπωσης μεταξιού στο Σουφλί,  όπου τα μοτίφ τυπώνονται σε υψηλής ποιότητας μεταξωτό ύφασμα.  

**MA-de of: 100% υψηλής ποιότητας μεταξωτό οργανζίν. 

**Handle with care! It's rare: Πλένεται σε κρύο νερό. Μην χρησιμοποιείτε λευκαντικό ή χλωρίνη. Σιδερώνεται σε μέτρια θερμοκρασία (αν χρειαστεί). 

- Τετράγωνο σχήμα (μικρό):  45εκ x 45εκ

- Τετράγωνο σχήμα (μεγάλο): 69εκ x 69εκ

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