• How do I register?

Creating an account and entering into the MAnnequin World is easy and free!!! You can click on Create an account  (on the upper right part of your screen), enter the required information (First, Last Name and E-mail) and choose your password! Piece of cake!! And even though, registering might seem as a boring procedure, we urge you to do it for three main reasons! A. you can have access to all information regarding your orders and order history, B. you can add your fav MAnnequin products to your Wishlist, C. you can take advantage of all surprises, discount coupons, prizes available to all these loyal MAnnequin girls!!

  • Do I need to register in order to shop on The MAnnequin Collection online store?

Of course not!! Registering is completely voluntary, and it is totally OK to buy without it! Just add your payment and shipping details in the relevant fields, before checking out, and the MAnnequin goodie will be yours. However, you won't be able to track your order history this way, next time you decide to shop again :-(

  • I have forgotten my password! What can I do?

Do not worry at all!! It has happened also to us like 1000 times! Click on Log in, then on Forgot your Password, type in your E-mail and then click on Submit. You will receive an E-mail pretty soon from us with instructions on how to reset your password!!

  • How can I change my address on My Account info?

It is quite easy to change your info details!! Just Log in your account with your E-mail and password and then click on Edit Address. Now you are ready to update any data you want.

  • How can I delete my account?

We're so sorry you want to leave us! Remember that your My Account is free and allows you to make purchases easily, take advantage of promotions and exclusive discounts.
If you still want to deactivate your My Account, please contact us via E-mail to sales@themannequincollection.com  confirming your personal data and email address with which you registered. Once we receive this information, we will deactivate your My Account and send you an email to confirm that it has been closed.
If you change your mind in the future, you will just have to contact us through mail at sales@themannequincollection.com by providing it with your information again and we will be able to reactivate your My Account. Alternatively, you can register again using a different email address.


  • Where can I find your size guide?

It's time to kiss those days you wondered about your size, while shopping online, goodbye and say hello to clothes that fit you accurately! How is that possible? All you need to do is follow the instructions you can find at the bottom of our Home page, by the name "Size Guide" as well as those you can find on the individual product pages. Please, make sure you measure yourself in the correct areas (bust, waist, hips). Our MAnnequin girl in our "Size Guide" is there to help you!! If you still though feel unsure, please do not hesitate to contact for some further size instructions via E-mail at sales@themannequincollection.com

  • How can I keep my MAnnequin garments clean and fresh for a long time?

Getting dressed each day should be fun and an exciting part of your day, not a constant worry about what may happen to your beloved clothes! So, as we want your new MAnnequin garment to last your for the years to come we strongly advise you to follow instrustions on the care label inside the garment when you receive it as well as to read instructions on each individual product page before you buy it! 

  • What if the item I have fallen in love with is out of stock?

You are browsing in our E-shop, and suddenly love strikes you with an amazing dress or pair of pants? You choose your size, but unfortunately you end up to see that it is out of stock. No worries. That is what our <3 My Wishlist is for!!Click on the little heart you can find at the left part of your screen and add this product to your Wishlist. This heart will let us weight the demand and if the product is restocked, you will be notified at once!!!


  • What payment methods do you accept?

Our shop accepts Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and The MAnnequin gift cards. You will be able to view all available payment options just before check out. When the transaction is complete, you will receive a confirmation E-mail with your order number and details. 

  • What is a discount coupon/code and how does it work?

We urge you to subscribe to our newsletters and keep up to date with our news and our special offers. Every now and then, we offer to our MAnnequin girls discount coupons/codes to celebrate their loyalty!! If you have received a discount code, all you have to do is to insert it in the order completion page (where you enter your shipping address!): the discount will be calculated and displayed automatically. Please, remember to enter the code at this point of ther order process  as it will not be possible to add it later. If you have done so, but the discount code seems not to be working, please contact us via E-mail at info@themannequincollection.com

  • I have received a MAnnequin gift card! How long does it last?

We now offer gift cards! These are paperless and emailed to whomever you choose. Please do note that gift cards expire one year after the date of purchase. Gift cards are final sale and cannot be refunded after purchase and gift cards cannot be purchased using any offer or discount code.