Our wish at MAnnequin is to make your shoping experience as more fun, exciting and easier as it gets!!! Go through our Payment Options guide to find it out!!!

Payment Options

You can complete your order on our E-shop, paying either through Paypal, if you have an account or through a Credit/Debit Card.

Our E-shop accepts Visa and Mastercard cards, Prepaid Debit Cards as well as The MAnnequin gift cards.  

If your card is authorised, the payment for your order will be made immediately. If your card is not authorised, the payment for your order will not be made and you will be notified about the rejection of the transaction immediately.

If you are not familiar with either of the two above mentioned payment methods, no worries!! You can contact us directly via E-mail at and proceed with your payment via E-banking (we will share our bank account information with you)!

All prices shown on our website include Value Added Tax (VAT).

The currency displayed on our E-shop is EUR.  

Last, but not least! We are committed to maintaining the highest measures of security and protection to ensure that your credit card information, contact information, as well as the shipping and billing information are confidential and safe.