The MAnnequin Chromocracy Collection

"Paint box brights are still going strong: the new primary colour palette celebrates fashion's power to generate confidence, and the effect is irresistible. Adopt the look from head-to-toe. (Vogue UK, February 2018)"

In this collection colours rule! Coming out of the dark winter, even nature prepares us to welcome a more colourful period. So, the MAnnequin duet worked towards that direction. Keeping intact their love for geometry and the ways in which different shapes can be incorporated in the design of classic (and not so classic) patterns, they created the pieces of this collection with beautiful fabrics of great quality, using all their favourite colours. With the use of tools like symmetry and asymmetry, combination of straight lines and curves, colour blocking using relative or opposite colours, overlapping layers, play with sheer fabrics and cutouts they gave this collection style and character.

It’s the time of the season that we celebrate “Chromocracy” and every MAnnequin girl will rock your world for sure!!!

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