Focused on the limitless female power and borrowing elements from fighter/hero uniforms through time (knights, pirates, astronauts), our goal was to provide a contemporary look for elegant, but still powerful women.

The use of metal looking fabrics, the shapes and patterns, the accentuated shoulders and many other details were important elements of our interpretation of a stylish and feminine armor for our timeless knightess.

The key color in this collection might be black, but there is not a single total black garment, as it is always paired with beautiful shades of blue, red, mustard yellow, ivory, silver and gold.

The combination of simple black fabrics with richer ones, like tweed, boucle, quilted and shiny textures, monochromatic or patterned gives to this collection a modern and luxurious feeling.

Past met futurism and our timeless knightess came to life.


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